System services administration with YaST2.

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April 1, 2010 by ricardovs

This is a short tip for every new user of openSUSE out there.

Most major distros install and enable default services, such as CUPS, joystick, Cron, Network, and so on. But in the end, if you just do not need it, why keep it enabled? So I will show you how to disable services in openSUSE via the powerful YaST2 interface.

YaST is the installation and configuration tool for openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise and the former SuSE Linux distributions. It is popular for its easy use and attractive graphical interface and the capability to customize your system quickly during and after the installation.

Run YaST, the Control Center, and click System>System Services (Runlevel).

Then, the System Services dialog opens up. There you can choose to use the Simple or Expert mode. I will go with the Expert one, and for this tip, I would like to stop and disable the CUPS service as I do not have a printer and it is no use to have it running.

To the very left-bottom corner there is a Start/Stop/Refresh button. Click it to see the following drop down element appear.

OK, I want to stop it now, so click that option, and I am informed about the new status for the CUPS service.

After checking that CUPS is no longer running, I need to disable it so it does not start automatically on startup. Check and click the Set/Reset button on the dialog’s  button, choose Disable the service.

Click OK and Yes to save the changes. Again, fast and easy with powerful YaST2.


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