Encuentro Linux 2009. Awesome!

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October 27, 2009 by ricardovs

I just got back from Encuentro Linux 2009 (actually after spending one day in Coquimbo with my girlfriend, daughter, and mother). Let me say that I had the Linux time of my life, and hopefuly not the last one.

I had planed to travel on thursday, but could not get there until friday night. Yes, sh*t happens. I first met German Poo and Diego Escalante (of the Gnome Foundation), on my way for the internet password at the hotel. Both were gentle ;).

Then I stayed at the hotel room, checking my presentation’s last details for the next morning. Shared room with Joel Iturra, nice guy. Next morning woke up early so I could be ready to leave for the University. Stomach full with milk, cereal, bread, and sugar goodies! At the check out counter I met Fernando San Martin and Fernando Valdez. Thanks for the ride, great company.

10 AM and there were only 3 people in the room. Could believe it! since last night it was pure fun out there in the city. Forget about your notebooks folks 😛 We decided to wait a bit so we could have more people in, and then I guess about 20 came in. Not bad if you think about ther other 3 talks at the same time plus the Gnome Day event taking most of the interest. My 50+ openSUSE 11.1 DVDs were not enough…by chance I had a DVD copy of 11.2 RC to pass around. Internet connection rocked and the talk went down pretty well, not the best I’ve had but it was just fine since it was my first presentation at Encuentro Linux, the most important Linux event in the country. It was an honor to be there before a very participative crowd, all interested in SUSE Studio.

Later on I headed to the Gnome Day, mainly to discover the Gnome Community and the cool PyGTK and GObject talks…of course to finally meet (yes, in person!))with Pedro Villavicencio of Ubuntu. Man, what a pleasure! Also talked with Franco Catrin and many more and it is sad I cannot remember the names, sure I’d remember your faces if I saw you again though. Bought the obligatory Gnome polo shirt XD and then by the end of the day got a red Gnome cap after asking one question on the project. Hey! I was the one who wrote “G-(ME)” and “Gnome 3 for all” on the Gnome Wall 😉

I now thank and congratulate once again everyone involved in the Encuentro Linux and Gnome Day 2009: Sven, Horst, Priscila, Fernando, Alejandro, Pedro, all the helpers, everyone! I hope to meet you again next year, and have that much of fun over and over.

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