openSUSE Day (Chile) on June 18th, 2009.

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June 13, 2009 by ricardovs

We are hoping to have students, young people, professors, teachers, and professionals from many fields as well. Actually everyone is welcome to attend the event. We’ll have presentations, stands, gaming, and of course the fun install fest (openSUSE 11.1). And yes, you can have an original openSUSE 11.1 Live DVD if you are one of the first 400 people to get there 😉 (Thanks Zonker!).

Where? Meet us at Universidad Andres Bello (UNAB), Campus República, República 239/Subterráneo R3. Check the map here.

Time? 10 AM though 8 PM.


  • Rafael de la Horra, from UNAB: Education for Professionals and the Free Software Environment.
  • Enrique Herrera, from Linux Latin America: GNU/Linux, 10 years of progress.
  • Myself, openSUSE Ambassador: SUSE Studio.
  • Patricia Albornoz, SUN Campus Ambassador: Netbeans and openSUSE.
  • Francisco del Castillo, from the Air Force: Linux and the Air Force.
  • Rodrigo Romo, from IBM/Tallard: Reducing Costs with IBM and Linux.

See you there. Join openSUSE and have a lot of fun!



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