Gnome-Shell on openSUSE 11.1

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June 12, 2009 by ricardovs

It’s been a while since I installed gnome-shell for the first time and tried it. Let’s say that after a few system re-installations, just because I only have one machine and stepped into the Milestones lands :), now I am back to good for production 11.1 and Gnome 2.24, without those annoying system beeps at shutdown (PulseAudio?). Gnome 2.26 ad tools seemed fine, but I would just rather wait a few months or next release to check if that does not happen anymore.

Alright, installing gnome-shell on your favorite openSUSE is a 1-click installer matter. Just look for it in the Build Service, Vincent Untz has packaged it for ya! Once the package is installed, then open a terminal and type gnome-shell –replace to run it in full screen mode or just type gnome-shell to run it in a single window.

Now a few screenshots of my desktop with Gnome-shell. Running it replacing the panel looks like this:


And then if you click on Activities, you get this. All your workspaces are zoomed out to the right, and a menu space for Applications and Recent Documents is located to the left of your screen.


There is a Search Text Entry right on top of the menu, so it’s easier to find any application by typing it’s name right there. In this case, I’m looking for pgAdmin3.gnome-shell3

One cool thing is that you can add or substract workspaces by clicking in the (-) and (+), besides of moving applications window from one workspace to another, or just drag and drop your needed application from the left menu into the workspace you wish!.

If you wanted to run gnome-shell nested, then you’d see something like this:


And if you clicked on Activities>Applications>More.., and searched for System:


I really think that gnome-shell is an interesting concept. It’s still in early development and expected to be included as optional in the Gnome 2.28.


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