Changing the openSUSE SLAB’s appearance


February 25, 2009 by ricardovs

The default SLAB looks like this:


Since I don’t need to have the Documents ad Places tabs, I will change their values by calling gconf-editor. So, in therminal:

:~> gconf-editor


Then I browse to Desktop>gnome>applications>main-menu. There look up for the showable_file_types key.


For that key, we have 6 values.

0 – show the user-specified or “Favorite” applications table

1 – show the recently used applications table

2 – show the user-specified or “Favorite” documents table

3 – show the recently used documents table

4 – show the user-specified of “Favorite” directories or “Places” table

5 – show the recently used directories or “Places” table.

So, double click on the showable_file_types and delete the given values. That’s it.


My new SLAB looks like this:



4 thoughts on “Changing the openSUSE SLAB’s appearance

  1. IBBoard says:

    I just tripped over this while looking for screenshots of the Slab to show to someone who was asking about the best newbies distro. I’ve never used the Documents or Places tab either and wondered whether they were really necessary (I tend to edit code at home, so a documents list isn’t important). It’s good to know it’s actually configurable in some way 🙂 I’m guessing from the numbers that you just use 0 and 1.

    • ricardovs says:

      Hi, it’s good to hear you keep openSUSE in mind when talking to other people ;). So does that Slab editing work for you? great. the only thing I don’t like about Slab is that if you uninstall beagle at all, then the buttons on top of it look rather ugly.

  2. IBBoard says:

    Yeah, it works and I’ve now just got the apps as well.

    As for Beagle, I’ve uninstalled it and my buttons look okay. They were excessively tall when I changed to the Tango icon theme, but that was because it was using a 32×32 icon for the “Lock Screen” action. Since I never use it I just removed the icon and everything collapsed down to a normal height.

  3. ricardovs says:

    Yes, when you change to Tango or Mist, buttons look OK, but still if you click on the Documents or Places tab (in case you still have them ;)), the Applications tab looks like it’s still selected, I mean, a dotted line appears around its label.

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