2008 is gone..review (kind of)

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January 2, 2009 by ricardovs

It’s just too late for reviews and things like that, but I’m sure some of you would like to read (in brief) about my last year.

Best thing of the year is my first daughter, Antonia. She came into this world on the last day of march, which was a surprise. Since I was working for a MS sell out enterprise at that time, and about 200 Kms away, I traveled as soon as I could to see her. Swear to me she is wonderful, and I see her as a Linux user in the near future as she enjoys so much as I play with Compiz =)

Work was fine while it lasted. Learned a lot of SQL tricks thanks to Alex Albanez, and had fun with Karen (.NET is not that bad) and Aldo (Gnexus genius) as well.   Great people and I wish I still worked with them but when you are not having fun and disagree with so many things such as wrong technology choices, and others that I am not allowed to publish (screw it anyway), the best thing to do is to move on.

Talking about Linux, I became a proud translator for the openSUSE project, and lately joined the marketing team too. Also discovered the wonders of the KDE 4 desktop environment. It feels great giving it back, and real part of the community.

Now I’m looking for a job, so I hope it’s open source related. So far vacations are going well, fun with the family, in the right place.


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