Richard Wright (R.I.P.)’s Broken China

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December 24, 2008 by ricardovs

Now that I got my Sennheiser HD 202 earphones back, I have been listening to Richard Wright’s Broken China a lot on my Cowon Iaudio 7. It sounds really well and it’s a pleasure to my ears. Nice lyrics, great melody, the whole album is like a story. Songs I enjoy most are Woman of custom, Far from the harbour wall, Reaching for the rail, and Breakthrough. Sinead O’Connor sings for a couple songs (Reaching for the rail, Breakthrough).

By the way, it feels strange listening to music done by someone who is dead already. I do believe that life does not end when death comes, and after watching him alive so many times (because he also played the keyboards with the Pink Floyd, one of my favorite bands) on DVDs or so, I tend to believe he achieved something very important in all of us, his music stays in our hearts in time.


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