Kbabel is good!

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October 26, 2008 by ricardovs

It’s been a great time since I joined the openSUSE translation (es) team. The guys have been so nice teaching me how it all works out and I can say I’m absolutely proud of being a member of this team. By the way, we are using the Verbum V2G.

To begin, days ago I chose to try the new KDE 4.1, just because of its advanced features, and today I can tell the difference. Although it takes a short time to get used to the system’s management procedures, no big problems I have found on my way. Even after screwing up the main panel! =)

Since I needed a good KDE tool for translations (and kate didn’t do), I installed Kbabel, a tool for editing and managing .po files.

So if you are thinking about joining a translation team, install Kbabel without thinking it twice.


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