k3b for burning music CDs from mp3 files

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October 23, 2008 by ricardovs

It’s my first time using k3b to burn music Cds from mp3 files. They are for my sweet daughter Antonia so it’s worth at all.

The task started out with the downloading of a few mp3 files from a website I can’t remember (I’d ask my gfriend but she’s not here right now) and it was no damn surprise they were compressed in a .zip file, so I found out Ark didn’t do with the GUI, or I didn’t take the time to set it up and didn’t care to read documentation on it. Then I downloaded unzip so from the command line I can have all of the required files uncompressed. That was cool since I never had done that before =) and as soon as I was done typing they were out waiting to be added to my music CD project. Almost there when another thing happened…no codecs for mp3 files support! No big deal, just did an install of k3b-codecs via YaST2. It asked me for some depedencies, I chose just to ignore them this time.

Now we have k3b working for all of our musical needs =)


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