openSuse 11 GNOME/KDE 4 thoughts


October 18, 2008 by ricardovs

Well, it’s been a long since my last post. At that time, I was a happy Ubuntu user, but since the new one is soon to be released, I gave it a break and installed openSuse on my notebook. So far it’s been a pleasant experience, installed both the GNOME and the KDE desktop and to tell the truth, I didn’t like the first one at all. The KDE 4 rocks and it impressed me a lot. Still it’s hard to get used to the way it handles the system settings (of course way different from GNOME) but once you are there, you know what’s all about. On the other hand, I like GNOME’s simplicity and if I needed all those new tools it offers I’d be completely happy. Once again, as a regular user (not a developer) I don’t seem to need the new features it has, such as new IM, tracking my time better, Ekiga, and the desk bar, to mention some. One cool thing is multiple tabs for file browsing is a high point. I have to point out that openSuse’s GNOME used about 20% of memory while KDE 4 just about 10%. I’m note saying I like one desktop more than the other, but I can’t belong to only one.

As a developer, I believe Kdevelop rules and works pretty well right out of the box. Qt designer has extremely well writtend documentation and samples.

So today I’m still using openSuse KDE 4, and I think it’ll be on mi notebook until the new Ubuntu is out, or forever, it just depends on how things work out.


2 thoughts on “openSuse 11 GNOME/KDE 4 thoughts

  1. Badi says:

    So now it’s December… how did it work out? Are you still using Opensuse KDE or are back in Gnome?

    • ricardovs says:

      Hi, I am back to Gnome. I have been testing KDE 4 as well, but Gnome just works better for me. Compared to KDE 4.2 it may look old, but works rock solid, and actually I do not care for Compiz that much.

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