What I’ve read and what I’ve known about Ubuntu

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August 8, 2008 by ricardovs

Through this week (due to my trash icon related trouble!) I have been back to reading users’ first experience after installing and using Linux Ubuntu. Most of them complain about it’s brownish colors over and over again, like they had not checked out Gnome-Look nor even played around the Appearance menu.

First option is just a kickass website for lazy users like me, who do not feel like spending time creating new themes, after all in that website you could find all artwork you are looking for: Wallpapers, icons, splash screens, desklets, screenlets, fonts, system sounds, screensavers, themes for GTK-Metacity-Compiz-Beryl, etc. I visit it on a regular basis to see if there is something I’d like to add to my system. it’s eyecandy for your gnome desktop!

When it comes down to changing appearence settings by using resources available right out of the box, the only thing to do is checking the appearance menu. From there you’re ready to modify colors, window border, icons, etc., almost everything to get rid of that ugly brown color.

So I hope to see less and less mournings about appearance, since it’s all configurable, like many things in Ubuntu.


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